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Los Angeles California

This is the right place to request additional information or help with your project.

A Senior Retoucher will respond to assist you. The Senior Retoucher is an Adobe Photoshop Expert (ACE) and PhaseOne Certifed Professional (POCP). Response time is usually 3 hrs.


Give me a call to discuss what you need to accomplish. Talk to a Senior Retoucher about your specific needs. (323) 801-6421


Send me a text, ask me a question. I love questions and enjoy working with Photoshop (323) 801-6421.  


You are welcome to contact me at or through the contact page.

nicer eye

Los Angeles California

Still Photo Retouching

Photo retouching assignments can be done on-site, remotely or in combination. On-site projects may be done on a client’s work station.

Photoshop CC Workflows

A custom Photoshop workflow saves time by standardizing reusable functions making it easier to edit complex files down the road.

On-Set Photo Retouching

There are times when it is cost-effective to work on-set during the photo shoot. There are several advantages to have a Retoucher on-set.

CaptureOne 12 Integration

Photoshop CC and CaptureOne integration. Superior results can be achieved by combining Photoshop and PhaseOne workflows.

Digital Asset Photography

The constant demand for new content means shorter deadlines and careful production. When additional products are added to production.

Lightroom CC Integration

Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge share functionality. Many edits can be done in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge.

nicer eye

Los Angeles California

Thinking with Images and Feelings

Browse Images

Look through before/after images for retouching techniques and styles

Gain Knowledge

Learn about the retouching style and workflow. Requesting a test image

Get the Full Picture

Call, text or email to discuss retouching and get your project in the calendar